Over 50 cats targeted in bizarre shaving attacks across UK

Owners and cats are said to be distressed after the strange incidents reported over a wide area of England.

Pet owners are becoming increasingly unnerved around the UK after dozens of cats were found shaved with hair clippers.

Across an area extending from London, and then 100km east to Dover and then up to Ramsgate, more than 50 animals have now been targeted, leaving many of the animals stressed.

The bizarre attacks began occurring in early December and have continued into March. Amid growing community concern, each incident has been mapped by a small welfare group in Kent, Animals Lost and Found.

Two images of shaved cats.
More than 50 cats have been found shaved across England. Source: Animals Lost and Found in Kent

Its founder Natasha McPhee told Yahoo News Australia she had held off on publicising the incidents because she was worried about "copycats" emulating the behaviour behind the attacks. But with those responsible showing no signs of stopping, she felt she had no choice but to act.

"Some people do these things for kicks, some people do it because they get self-gratification out of it by scaring people or scaring the animals," she said. "It was getting to a point where I thought... we need to warn people about this."

Cat attacked multiple times by mystery shaver

In February, Ms McPhee took to social media pointing out that some areas are shaving hotspots. “There are roads where two or three attacks have happened to cats,” she wrote.

Animals Lost and Found has urged cat owners to keep their pets indoors. It also suggested installing CCTV around the home, so those behind the attacks can be held responsible.

On March 14, local media reported one woman claimed her cat was being shaved whenever he ventured out, and that he was becoming increasingly scared of people.

Not the first time cats have been shaved in UK

It’s not the first time cat-shaving incidents have terrorised pet owners in the UK. In 2016, the RSPCA called for public assistance after 12 cats were targeted in the Cotswolds, some up to four times each. Two years later, more cats were reported shaved across Gloucestershire, Minchinhampton and Brimscombe.

Anyone with information about animal cruelty can contact police or the RSPCA. Animals Lost and Found Kent has been contacted for comment.

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