Outraged passengers rally around young girl as Adelaide bus guards kick her off in middle of the night

Seven News has obtained exclusive video of a young girl being kicked off an Adelaide bus in the middle of the night because she had a bike.

Fellow passengers rallied around her with one good Samaritan paying for her taxi fare home.

It was just after midnight on North Terrace in Adelaide’s CBD when transit guards tried to kick the girl off the bus.

They said she couldn’t have a bike on board for safety reasons.

“What about her safety policy,” one witness can be heard saying.

The bus was replacing the last train to Seaford, about 36 kilometres south, which was cancelled for maintenance.

Passengers are allowed to have bikes on trains.

“This is a train substitution,” passenger Alejandra Pinero told 7 News.

“We were really upset because we were on a train substitution so she should be able to have the same services that a train provides.”

Alejandra filmed the incident on her phone.

“This is a young girl. It was 12am in the morning and she shouldn’t be alone,” she said.

Eventually the young girl was kicked off the bus along with her bike, and another passenger kindly offered to pay for her taxi home.

The minister has asked the department to allow guards to have more discretion in the future.

“We don’t want to be leaving people out in the cold,” SA Transport Minister Stephen Mullighan said.

“We want to make sure that we can get people to where they need to go safely.”