Debate fires up as kids allowed to shoot guns at South Australian gunnery

Children as young as 12 are being encouraged to shoot real guns, at a new indoor firing range in South Australia.

In an Australian first, kids can take aim at virtual moving targets in the Christies Beach based firing range The Gunnery.

Kids over 12 are able to try shooting virtual targets in the firing range.

However critics have slammed the decision, saying it’s no place for kids.

Louise, 12, the daughter of the owner of the range, already has her gun licence.

“I definitely think it’s safe because of all the rules you have to follow,” she told 7 News.

Kids without a licence are strapped into a harness and under supervision of an adult at all times.

“You’re never too young to be educated about guns and the safety and use of them,” her father Peter said.

Anyone who doesn’t have a gun licence must be strapped into a harness that is anchored to the ground.

The gun is tethered and an instructor oversees shooters at all times.

In March some community members voiced their opposition at a public meeting, calling for shooters to be at least over the age of 18.

“If I can’t drive a car when I’m 12-years-old, why can I shoot a gun?” one commenter told 7 News.

The decision to allow children to participate was approved by the Onkaparinga Council, following consultation with police.