Outage hits Telstra, thousands affected

A Telstra outage is affecting many Australians. Picture: NCA NewsWire / Luis Enrique Ascui

An outage hit thousands of Telstra customers on Tuesday afternoon, with the telco giant scrambling to deliver a fix.

Many customers reported problems with mobile call access in the mid-afternoon.

The company confirmed it experienced an issue with its network.

“If you’re a Telstra customer you might be noticing some issues with mobile calls, we’re working on a fix and hope to get everything back up and running soon,” the company stated on X about 2pm.

“We’ll keep you updated.”

Some Telstra customers experienced a disruption to their services on Tuesday afternoon. Picture: NCA NewsWire / Luis Enrique Ascui

The company said mobile data had not been affected in the outage and other ways of calling, such as using FaceTime or WhatsApp, were still working.

The company also said testing showed there had been no impact on triple-0 calls.

The issue was settled swiftly, with Telstra stating services had returned to normal by 2.30pm.

“The issue was caused by a software change and was fixed by rolling that back,” a Tesltra spokeswoman said.

“We’re sorry for the impact on people’s days.”

An alert on Telstra’s website revealed an outage had also hit business NBN Voice and Data services.

“A maintenance firmware update to some business modems has caused the modems to lose internet connectivity,” the company said.

“A rollback was performed but has not been successful in resolving the issue for all customers.

“Our tech teams have been urgently working on a solution and we’re performing a reset of some customer modems to resolve the issue.

“A factory reset will restore the device back to default settings, so any third party or customised settings such as remote access, printer access and VPN will need to be set up again.”