Oprah Winfrey reveals 'pressure' she felt from friends to do 'something big' for her 70th birthday

Oprah Winfrey felt "such pressure" from others over how to celebrate her 70th birthday.

The media mogul reached the milestone on Monday (29.01.24) and revealed that whilst a lot of her friends were trying to get her to do "something big" for the occasion, she instead decided to spend her time "reflecting" on the woman she has come to be.

Writing in an essay for her OprahDaily website, she said: "I had such pressure from all my friends to do something big, something special; to have a dinner, a party or luncheon—or to go somewhere like a spa, a hike, a resort, or to meditate in Nepal.

"I thought about it all, took in all their suggestions, and finally did what one friend, Wintley, recommended. He said, “You’re too blessed to stress. Savor the fragrances of your extraordinary life.” It reminded me of the last line of'Love After Love', one of my favorite poems by Derek Walcott: 'Sit. Feast on your life.'

"So that’s what I’ve been doing—going through old journals, photos, memory boxes, feasting, savoring, and marveling at the discovery, pain, joy, and wonder of 70 years of growing into the woman I am."

The former talk show host added that even though turning 70 has made her realise that she has more time behind her than in front of her, she takes "great satisfaction" in knowing that every year so far has been "worth it".

She said: "What I celebrate this birthday (and beyond) is knowing that the person I know myself to be and the work that has come straight from being has mattered. At my age, you recognize the poignancy of time passing.

"Seventy resonates, letting you know for sure that there are not as many years remaining as you’ve already consumed. I take great satisfaction in accepting that regardless of how many more suns are left—the rising each time has been worth it."