OPINION - Top UK UFO expert’s verdict on Mexican ‘alien corpses’: Tech and Science Daily podcast


The UK’s top UFO expert, Nick Pope, gives his verdict on the viral Mexican ‘alien corpses’ claims.

Images have gone viral after journalist and ufologist, Jamie Maussan, showed what he alleges are “non-human” alien corpses to Mexican politicians at the country’s Congress.

Maussan claims they are two 1,000-year-old ‘aliens’, found near the cities of Palpa and Nazca in Peru.

Tech & Science Daily spoke to British endurance athlete, Lewis Pugh, after he just finished a 315-mile swim along the Hudson in New York with the aim to highlight river health. Averaging 10 miles a day in just his trunks, cap and goggles, the UN patron of the oceans arrived at the southern tip of Manhattan island on Wednesday, after a month of swimming through powerful currents all while avoiding boats.

Tech leaders agree on Artificial Intelligence regulation but remain divided on how in a Washington forum. The AI safety forum is one of a number of official meetings between Silicon Valley leaders and the US government, which are happening now more urgently with the US elections drawing closer, alongside the rapid increase of AI advancement.

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