OPINION - Will Rishi Sunak concede to an early general election?: The Leader podcast


An exclusive Ipsos survey for the Evening Standard has found six in ten adults want the next election to take place before the end of next June.

It appears frustrations over the cost of living crisis, mortgage rate hikes and issues with the wider economy have led to the public calling for change sooner rather than later.

Eighty-six per cent say Britain needs a new team of leaders, up six points since May and ten points higher than in March 2010 as Gordon Brown’s government was on its last legs.

So when will Rishi Sunak officially call for a general election? And what do these most recent Ipsos poll results tell us about who’s in the driving seat?

Keiran Pedley, director of politics at Ipsos discusses the survey results, and tells the Leader Podcast when he thinks the Prime Minister might call the next general election.

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