OPINION - The Leader podcast: How hot will London get as global temperatures rise?

London hit record temperatures in 2022  (AP)
London hit record temperatures in 2022 (AP)

Scientists say there’s now a 66 per cent chance the 2015 Paris agreement’s 1.5C global warming threshold will be breached within the next four years.

In this episode of The Leader podcast, we examine how London could be impacted by the devastating effects of climate change unless urgent action is taken by government, business and the people.

You’ve seen those often angry confrontations between drivers and Just Stop Oil protesters at flashpoints throughout the capital - but while we may not agree with their means, they’re undoubtedly shining a light on the challenges we face.

Breaching 1.5C annually for a decade or more would see more intense heatwaves, even worse than London’s recent baking summers, and heightened pollution.

To find out what this means for Londoners and our dense urban infrastructure - plus how to do your bit, we’re joined by Laurie Laybourn, author of Planet on Fire: A Manifesto for the Age of Environmental Breakdown.

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