OnlyFans star 'freaks out' Aussies with skin-crawling spider act

The viral video has shocked millions.

Anna Paul is known for a few things, among them creating adult content for OnlyFans, amassing millions of followers on social media and launching her own skincare line, but being a spider wrangler hasn't been one of her claims to fame — until now.

The 24-year-old has stunned her followers with the nonchalant way she handled a sizeable huntsman crawling all over her. "I just tried to save a spider in the shower and look what happened," she says in a short clip posted to TikTok.

Huntsman spider crawling on the leg of OnlyFans star Anna Paul; Anna holding up the spider
OnlyFans performer Anna Paul was completely unfazed by a spider crawling on her as she showered. Source: TikTok/@anna..paull

"It crawled up my leg," Ms Paul continues, as she films the creature moving up her thigh. Although she didn't expect the spider to crawl across her naked body as she showered, she calmly holds it up on her hand and laughs off the incident as "the reality of Australia".

Viewers were aghast at the sight, saying they would've "freaked out" and questioning how the influencer managed to retain her composure during the encounter. "How are you not panicking? I'd literally be crying," one follower asked. "I'm not scared of spidies," responded Ms Paul in the understatement of the year.

Influencer not at risk

Fortunately for Ms Paul, huntsman spiders aren't considered a danger to people. "They're gentle giants, and pose no meaningful threat to humans," Aussie entomologist Dr Thomas White recently told Yahoo News Australia.

Dr White recommended leaving the spiders alone if you ever come across them in your home, as they "work diligently to keep the flies and other critters at a minimum".

However, if you must remove a huntsman, he suggests popping a container over it and releasing it outside. "There's definitely no need spray or kill them," he said. "They're furry friends."

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