OnlyFans model clears family's $230,000 debt after personal U-turn

A woman once desperate to get a breast reduction has told how her 34HH breasts have now helped her pay off her family’s $230,000 debt.

Amy Sophia, 27, from the English city of Leeds, says she now earns £40,000 (A$70,000) a month on OnlyFans.

She says she used to be self-conscious about her figure and attracted unwanted attention from strangers when out clubbing with friends. It led her to wear less revealing clothing in a bid to cover herself up.

"Usually when I’d go to clubs or out in public it would be women who’d tell me to ‘put them away’ because their boyfriends were staring,” she recalled.

"I usually ignore it but once I got kicked out of a nightclub for flashing this one girl who told me to cover up. I was just sick of it.

Amy has hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram. Source: Australscope/ Jam Press
Amy has hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram. Source: Australscope/ Jam Press

"I’ve got such bad posture because of how I used to always slouch forward to hide my boobs because when I kept my back straight it made them look even more prominent and I hated that attention.

"Now the stares and comments don’t bother me. I know they are just jealous or have body issues, they obviously aren’t happy in their own skin.”

Amy previously worked as a spa therapist earning $15 an hour when she decided to start an OnlyFans page in October 2019.

New work bringing in as much as $265k a month

She says the site gave her back her confidence and helped her embrace her curvy figure - and pay off her £30,000 (A$53,000) debt from payday loans after previously living an unmaintainable exclusive lifestyle.

"There was a buzz around this new site, OnlyFans, and something just told me to do it for the money.

"I knew my boobs were attention-grabbing so I decided to use them for my benefit instead of hiding away.

"In my first month I made £7,000 (A$12,000), which was insane. Every month it got higher – my best earning month has been £150,000 (A$265,000)."

Amy has now amassed more than 400,000 followers on Instagram.

As well as paying off her own debt, Amy was able to also help her parents to pay off her family's big debts.

"Helping my family to be debt-free was the first thing I did with the money," she said.

"Mum was so grateful. She fully supports what I do and she always has from the start. The people who are important to me in my family have been supportive and that’s all that matters.

Amy struggled with body changes as a teen

As a teenager, Amy struggled as her breasts suddenly began to grow "bigger and bigger".

"I felt like I struggled to hide them and people would stare a lot. I would avoid certain exercise at the gym and I’d find it hard to buy clothes as they didn’t fit or I worried that everything just looked too slutty on me.”

When she was 23, she went to see a doctor about having a breast reduction but the details of the surgery were so intimidating that Amy took some more time to think about it.

However after starting OnlyFans her mentality began to change.

"The positive attention really changed my mindset", she said, and now refers to her breasts as her "money-makers.”

Amy likes to spend her earnings on clothes, fine dining and luxury trips – and has been to Mexico, the Maldives, Rome, Thailand, Las Vegas and all over Europe thanks to her newfound fortune.

- Australscope/ Jam Press

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