OnlyFans model suffers heart attack after trying TikTok trend

An OnlyFans model has suffered a heart attack after trying a TikTok challenge called “dry scooping”.

The trend involves eating a scoop of pre-workout powder without mixing it with water, with the aim of boosting energy levels and achieving better results at the gym.

But for Briatney Portillo, the challenge had dire consequences.

Briatney Portillo is pictured left on a balcony and right in hospital.
Briatney Portillo suffered a heart attack after consuming the dry pre-workout powder. Source: TikTok/Briatney Portillo

The 20-year-old exotic dancer from Florida consumed the powder before her workout and started feeling chest pains while at the gym.

She ignored the feelings and continued her workout, but soon began to feel nauseous and fatigued.

“Then I went home and had a shower,” she said in a video posted to her TikTok account.

“And then when I went to work, I was in the locker room, ‘cause ya’ll know I’m a stripper, and I got chest pains again and it went to my back, and then my left side starting hurting and my left side went limp.

“That’s when I knew it was a heart attack not anxiety.”

She explained further that while in the locker room before her shift she began sweating uncontrollably.

Briatney Portillo went viral on Tiktok after trying the 'dry scoop' challenge.
Ms Portillo is warning others to be wary of challenges that appear on social media, after the "dry scoop challenge" sent her to hospital. Source: TikTok/Briatney Portillo

"I started sweating a lot and was drenched even though I was wearing a bikini," she told the Daily Star.

The dangers of caffeine powder

Ms Portillo called an ambulance and was taken to hospital, where it was confirmed that she had an NSTEMI, which is a heart attack that is typically less damaging to the heart.

She said the powder she consumed was Redcon1 Total War branded pre-workout powder, but she believes that even if she drank it with water as directed she still would’ve “passed out”.

Ms Portillo warned her followers about taking part in risky social media challenges, telling them that "being young doesn't mean we're invincible”.

A video posted to TikTok from her hospital bed gained more than 2.3 million views, with many viewers sharing to raise awareness of the dangers involved with the challenge and with products that contain high levels of caffeine.

The pre-workout Ms Portillo consumed has more caffeine in one scoop than eight cups of coffee.

Recently, another TikTok challenge left a teenager in hospital with severe burns after it went horrifically wrong.

The 'fire challenge', where shapes are drawn on a mirror in flammable liquid before being set alight, resulted in 13-year-old Destini Crane being engulfed in flames.

“It was unreal. Heartbreaking like I don’t think anyone wants to see their daughter on fire. It was horrible,” Destini’s mother, Kimberly Crane, told Fox19.

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