One Team Mounts a Huge Comeback on 'The Amazing Race 36'

Michelle and Sean Clark perform a breakdancing Detour on 'The Amazing Race 36'

This week's episode of The Amazing Race 36 had the teams soaring to new heights, as a paragliding adventure began their leg in Medellín, Colombia. But while some teams continued to maintain that high, others hit rock bottom. Just when one pair thought their race was done, it took a sense of direction to spare them, and cause another team to get tripped up.

Check out more information below and find out who went home from the race tonight.

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Who was eliminated on The Amazing Race 36 tonight?

Michelle Clark and Sean Clark – Married

After finishing in the top half of teams the first leg, Michelle and Sean had been struggling since, barely avoiding elimination. Luckily, their Double Dutch experience got them in the middle of the pack going into the Roadblock. But it all came undone when Michelle struggled to find her perspective. They fell to the back once more, and unfortunately, the third was the charm for their brush with elimination.

Which teams finished at the top tonight?

Ricky Rotandi and César Aldrete continued their dominance of the season, getting their second first-place finish in a row. Amber Craven and Vinny Cagungun again finished in second, with some notable tension between the couple as Amber struggled with Vinny's insistence on hurrying her along. But the biggest story is Angie and Danny Butler. The mother/son team made the largest jump in the race so far, going from ninth to third as Danny excelled with the mental challenges and puzzles.

Which teams finished at the bottom tonight?

Like Michelle and Sean, Kishori Turner and Karishma Cordero also struggled on the Roadblock. However, after nearly 20 attempts, Karishma was able to figure out her mistake, allowing the cousins to survive elimination. Sunny Pulver and Bizzy Smith were in dead last for most of the leg, as their struggles figuring out a rebus puzzle caused them to switch Detours. But Sunny's sense of direction prevailed, as the not only caught up, but passed two teams to finish eighth.

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Who's left this season on The Amazing Race 35?

–Amber Craven and Vinny Cagungun – Dating

–Angie Butler and Danny Butler – Mother and son

–Derek Williams and Shelisa Williams – Married

–Juan Villa and Shane Bilek – Best friends

–Kishori Turner and Karishma Cordero – Cousins

–Ricky Rotandi and César Aldrete – Dating

–Rod Gardner and Leticia Gardner – Married

–Sunny Pulver and Bizzy Smith – Best friends

–Yvonne Chavez and Melissa Main – Dating

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