Feline lucky, punk: One-eyed cat saves owner from home intruder

A one-eyed cat who was once a stray has managed save his owner from a home intruder in Adelaide.

Andrew adopted Mannie, who lost his eye in a cat fight, five months ago.

But on Tuesday morning the one-eyed cat acted more like a guard dog when someone broke into Andrew’s Brompton home.

The backdoor where the intruder got in. Source: 7 News

When Mannie heard an intruder creeping into Andrew’s house he woke the owner with loud meows.

“So I made my way to the back of the house and I found a complete stranger in my dining room,” he said.

“It was a weird moment where we looked at each other and I’m like, ‘get out of my house.’”

Mannie managed to alert his owner about a home intruder. Source: 7 News

The intruder had crept through the unlocked back door of the West Street home.

After Andrew encountered him, the man ran to his getaway car outside.

But Andrew managed to get the car’s number plate and police arrested a 45-year-old Hilton man.

He will appear in court on Wednesday.

Mannie can expect some extra treats for dinner. Source: 7 News