Olly Alexander has penned more tunes with Dizzy co-writer Danny L Harle

Olly Alexander has recorded more songs with 'Dizzy' co-writer Danny L Harle.

The super producer - who also worked on Dua Lipa's latest album 'Radical Optimism', and is also known for working with the likes of Charli XCX and Caroline Polachek - has let slip that he and the Years and Years frontman have some more tunes in store to follow his 2024 Eurovision entry for the UK.

Speaking to GRAMMYs.com, Danny teased: "I've written some more tracks with him that do that. I've really been enjoying that with Olly because his voice is so agile and can really make sense of more complicated chord sequences.

"Another thing I've been enjoying with him is when there's sparseness and letting the vocal melody spell out the harmony and maybe occasionally go minor and major over one bass note, which is something I really, really enjoy."

Working with the 'Desire' hitmaker is something Danny has always wanted to do, and they had instant "chemistry" in the studio.

Danny continued: "I've always been a big fan of Olly Alexander, I’ve wanted to work with him my whole career. I believe I tweeted at him in 2009 saying hi. But I think people who like my stuff could hear that he has the kind of voice that I really like: a very virtuosic, melodic voice. [We] just had immediate chemistry, musically. We've written a fair amount of music and he’s a very exciting artist to be involved with."

Olly came close to a “breakdown” amid fierce pressure on him to quit as this year’s UK Eurovision competitor.

The 33-year-old star faced intense calls for him to pull out due to Israel’s involvement in the show, which has enraged fans due to the country’s ongoing bombardment of Gaza.

Olly told The Times about looking downcast at a recent Eurovision pre-party in London: “Yes, I struggled that day. I was holed up in a room trying not to have a breakdown.

“Normally, you get on stage and turn it on, but I felt really unable to do that.

“It was tough... I just could not get it together and then I felt ashamed of myself and embarrassed.”

Olly also reportedly began to cry during his chat with the newspaper as he added: “Obviously there are a lot of things I wish were different.

“And this is so much bigger than me and Eurovision, it really is.

“Obviously, I wish there wasn’t a war or this insane humanitarian crisis. I wish for peace and I have found this experience, at times, extremely... I’ve just felt really sad and distressed.

“But I still believe it’s a good thing when people come together for entertainment. That’s why I wanted to do Eurovision.”

A week before his Eurovision showcase, Olly responded to an open letter signed by Queers for Palestine, a collective of more than 450 queer artists, individuals and organisations asking him to quit Eurovision as part of a protest over Israel’s involvement.