Officer has finger tips cut off after offender rams police car

A senior constable has lost the tips of two fingers after a wanted man allegedly rammed a police car in Queensland.

The collision jammed the officer’s fingers in the car door in Kelso, Townsville, about 1.30pm on Tuesday after fugitive Kasie Rice had reportedly slipped free from a tracking bracelet 10 days ago and gone on a crime rampage.

He had been placed on parole earlier this month on condition he attend a rehabilitation clinic and wear the electronic monitor.

Officers descended on the Townsville home to arrest Kasie Rice on Tuesday. Source: 7News
Rice allegedly rammed a police car, resulting in a police officer losing two finger tips. Source: 7News

Officers were chasing up a return to prison warrant, but when they tried to confront the offender at a property, he allegedly tried to ram the police car with his vehicle.

“Hope and prayers for a speedy recovery to our officer for the injuries he has as a result of today, his life will be different forever and his career,” Acting Chief Superintendent Steve Munro said.

Heavily armed SERT officers were able to arrest the accused armed robber after nearly two weeks on the run.

Rice is expected to be charged late on Tuesday before appearing before the Townsville Magistrates Court on Wednesday.

Rice suffered minor injuries during the incident. Source: 7News