Octopus steals Aussie boy's GoPro in underwater 'tug of war'

A young diver was forced to seek help after an octopus stole his underwater camera.

An "eight armed robber" was on the loose in Jervis Bay waters on the NSW south coast on Wednesday, with a young diver almost losing a camera but gaining an epic underwater tale.

Jesse, 15, was filming an octopus with his GoPro "at a safe distance" when the animal decided it wanted the camera for itself.

One of the octopus' tentacles can be seen around the GoPro.
Despite Jesse's best attempts he was unable to free the octopus from his GoPro on Wednesday. Source: Facebook

"It slowly reached out a tentacle and grabbed the selfie stick, pulling the camera in," Jesse's mum Karen Johnson told Yahoo News Australia. "A tug of war ensued and the octopus won."

Perplexed by the sudden turn of events, Jesse stayed close by and "occasionally tugged" on the camera to no avail. Eventually he had to ask for help.

'An octopus took my camera'

Jesse approached two snorkellers in the water for assistance, with one admitting he had "all sorts of dilemmas" go through his mind when considering what the young diver could possibly need assistance with.

However, hearing Jesse say, "an octopus took my camera", had not been a situation the snorkeller had considered.

"He took us to where he last saw his camera and sure enough there was the eight armed robber with each of them [tentacles] tightly wrapped around the GoPro," the snorkeller wrote online.

The snorkeler can be seen holding one end of the selfie stick with the octopus and GoPro camera at the other.
The snorkeller waved the GoPro around before the octopus 'reluctantly' let go of the camera. Source: Facebook

After attempting to free the camera from the octopus' grip, he "had no choice" but to pick up the GoPro with the "heavy" animal attached, moving the camera slowly before finally freeing the GoPro.

"I wiggled the camera sideways a few times and he reluctantly let go," the snorkeller said.

Karen has since shared the GoPro footage online which shows the moment the octopus snatched the camera from her son.

"What an amazing capture!" one woman commented on the video.

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