‘Get mad’: O’Keefe ‘screaming’ during arrest

Andrew O’Keefe is returning to court. Picture: NCA NewsWire / Brendan Read

Embattled television presenter Andrew O’Keefe became “aggressive” and screamed at police during an outburst as he asked to get his medication during an arrest, telling police “this is a f**king outrage”.

The 52-year-old is facing the second part of his hearing in Sydney’s Downing Centre Local Court over charges of common assault, contravening an AVO, resisting a police officer, possess prohibited drug and assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

The former host of Seven’s Deal or No Deal walked into court on Tuesday morning in a dark grey suit and green tie, smiling at media before he entered the building.

O’Keefe has already faced two days of hearing in February over the alleged domestic assault matters, which relate to an incident in September 2021 at a Sydney apartment.

The matter returned to court on Wednesday, where the court was told he is defending a charge of possess prohibited drug relating to methylamphetamine.

Family-friend of O’Keefe’s for 45 years, Daniel Mocsari, told the court when he spoke to his friend in early October and found out about the charges, he felt he had to come forward and confess about the drug possession.

“It was my stuff, not his,” Mr Mocsari told the court.

Mr Mocsari is referring to meow-meow, a synthetic stimulant drug of consisting of mephedrone or 4-methylmethcathinone, which he described as “an analogue of methamphetamine”.

He told the court he “wasn’t sure” about its legality as it can be bought at tobacconists at Kings Cross in Sydney’s east.

Mr Mocsari told the court he had gone to O’Keefe’s apartment in December 2021 for “pre-Christmas drinks” and had taken with him the bag of drugs, which were coloured light brown.

Andrew O’Keefe is fighting allegations of domestic abuse and resisting arrest. Picture: NCA NewsWire / Christian Gilles

“I told him (O’Keefe) I got this stuff...(O’Keefe) had a sniff and told me he wouldn’t partake as the analogues have poor side effects with prescription medication,” Mr Mocsari said.

“He politely declined and gave it back.”

Mr Mocsari said he took some of the drugs before leaving the bag on the kitchen counter, but when he came back to them as he was leaving they weren’t there. He then left the party.

Under questioning by police prosecutor Sergeant Michael Cleaver, Mr Mocsari was questioned about why he left a “$350 bag” of drugs behind at a party.

Mr Mocsari said: “I wasn’t that fussed”.

Sergeant Cleaver put to him the possibility he had come to court to give false evidence to protect his friend, O’Keefe.

“Absolutely not,” Mr Mocsari said.

“I’ve just come out of custody I don’t want to have another drug charge...I have a moral compass.”

Earlier in the day, bodycam footage captured by police during O’Keefe’s arrest two days after the alleged domestic abuse incident in September 2021, was played to the court.

Footage showed the moment police knock on O’Keefe’s door at his CBD apartment to tell him he is being arrested for domestic assault and breaching an apprehended violence order.

He has since pleaded guilty to the AVO breach, but denies guilt in relation to the other charges.

The footage was played to the court multiple times from different angles, as O’Keefe sat in the back of the court on a laptop.

Sydney City Chief Inspector Gary Coffey told the court two officers had attended O’Keefe’s home to arrest him, and he was responding to a request for further assistance.

O’Keefe momentarily left the court while evidence was being heard from police officers. Picture: NCA NewsWire / Christian Gilles

He said O’Keefe’s behaviour was “escalating” during the encounter.

Before leaving with police, O’Keefe asked to get his medication but he was refused.

“I will take my medication that is essential...I know where it is,” he says in the footage.

“This happened last time and you guys did not take my medication.”

O’Keefe begins to scream at police, with the footage showing the officers taking hold of his arms.

“This is what happens, I don’t have my medication and get mad,” he yells.

He continued to scream: “This is a simple favour, this is a very simple request, why are you being such f**king Nazis about it?”

Footage showed the officers grabbing O’Keefe, taking him out of the unit and into the hallway, putting him into handcuffs.

“I need my medication, you’re not going through my f**king stuff...I’m just asking for my f**king medication, you don’t even know where it is you idiots,” O’Keefe screams in the footage.

He is then asked to calm down and responds: “Calm down? You won’t give me my meds and you want me to calm down.”

“F**king hell...this is how you treat a victim of f**king crime?” he screams.

O’Keefe continues to scream saying he was being arrested in a “f**king unnecessary fashion” as he is led to the elevator and out of the building.

Andrew O’Keefe is fighting allegations he spat on and kicked a woman. Picture: NCA Newswire / Gaye Gerard

He is put into the police van and told to stop moving.

“I keep moving? It’s f**king hard not to move when you’re a human being...This is a justifiable and righteous rage to the way I am being treated,” he says in the video.

“This is a f**king outrage.”

O’Keefe’s lawyer, Richard Pontello SC, asked Inspector Coffey under cross-examination if it was necessary to use force to take the former television presenter into custody.

Inspector Coffey told the court the allegations were “serious” and he was “quite pleased” six officers were there for the arrest.

He said the behaviour of police was “consistent” with O’Keefe’s “agitation”.

Multiple other police officers gave evidence about the interaction with O’Keefe, with Inspector Timothy Carter telling the court the former TV presenter was “visibly shaking”.

Constable Ryan Cole told the court officers moved Mr O’Keefe into the hallway as a way to “control” the situation and to ensure officers weren’t harmed.

Earlier this year the prosecution put its case before the court in regards to the domestic violence incident which occurred two days before his arrest in September 2021.

The former TV star turned up to court at the beginning of the hearing. Picture: NCA NewsWire / Brendan Read

A neighbour at the complex where O’Keefe was visiting, Nicole Taylor, told the court on the night of the alleged domestic abuse incident she could hear him singing in the apartment below hers before it turned into a “scuffle”.

Ms Taylor went to check on her neighbour and told the court she could tell O’Keefe was “aggressive and angry” while the alleged victim was attempting to “calm him down”.

“She (the woman) had scratches up her arms and marks on her chest … she was limping and I asked her what had happened,” Ms Taylor said.

On the first day of the hearing in February, Sergeant Cleaver withdrew six charges relating to another complainant: two counts of intentionally choking a person without consent, three counts of common assault and one count of assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

He spent almost five months in custody on remand after he was charged with the offences before he was released on bail.

The former TV star has faced a different kind of spotlight since the assault allegations came to light, following a long career with Channel 7.

In 2017, he was appointed a Member of the Order of Australia for his charity work and accomplishments in television.

The hearing continues before Magistrate Alison Viney.