Australians inundate New Zealand's immigration website after election

Before many Australians could finish their democracy sausages on Election day, Immigration New Zealand saw a surge in interested Aussies wanting to move across the Tasman Sea.

The 2019 Federal Election saw the Coalition retain power, leaving many in shock as early polls prediction an easy win for Labor.

"How good is Australia! And how good are Australians!” Prime Minister Scott Morrison said as he celebrated victory on Saturday evening.

“This is the best country in the world in which to live,” he told the crowd of Liberal supporters chanting “ScoMo!”

However, according to the official NZ immigration website, New Zealand Now, not all Australians appear to agree.

Immigration NZ Manager Greg Forsythe told Yahoo News Australia that the website saw a significant increase in the number of people from Australia visiting the New Zealand Now website since Sunday.

Scott Morrison (left) may have won the election but Bill Shorten (right) saying goodbye to the Labor leadership has left many Aussies considering leaving Australia. Source: AAP

Mr Forsythe said 8,522 people from Australia visited the New Zealand Now website the day after the Coalition claimed victory, resulting in 512 registrations of interest.

The post-election figures made for a considerable surge when on the previous Sunday the website had experienced 715 visitors from Australia, with 20 registrations of interest.

The popularity of New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has soared in recent years, with Australia voting her their favourite politician in a 2019 poll.

Jacinda Ardern may be the New Zealand Prime Minister but Australians voted her as their favourite politician. Source: APP

However, despite the apparent surge in interest among some Aussies for migrating to New Zealand, Mr Forsyth said Kiwis weren’t expecting a flood of Aussies any time soon.

“These are purely registrations of interest in coming to New Zealand and do not necessarily translate to the number of people actually moving to New Zealand,” he said.

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