Nursing student who fell 18 metres dies after hospital refuses to treat her

A 22-year-old nursing student who fell from a fourth-floor window while putting up Christmas decorations bled to death after a hospital refused to treat her.

Dina Khalil — who had been studying in Amman, Jordan — plunged 18 metres to the ground from her apartment window. But when she was rushed to a nearby hospital, staff refused to admit her because she had no medical insurance, according to local media.

Friends managed to raise enough cash to get her basic treatment but by then, it was reported, Dina — an Israeli national — had lost too much blood. She was flown home to Rambam Hospital in Haifa but died on December 29.

Nursing student Dina Khalil in her scrubs and posing in front of angel wing graffiti.
Nursing student Dina Khalil died after falling from her fourth-floor apartment window while hanging Christmas decorations. Source: Newsflash/Australscope

"It was probably too late. Because the hospital staff waited a long time before giving her the treatment, she lost a lot of blood," her heartbroken father — who was not named by local media — said. "After a few days, we were able to transfer her to Rambam Hospital, where she was pronounced dead."

Now the family has donated Dina's organs for transplants.

"We decided to donate all of my daughter’s organs. I understood from the hospital that she saved the lives of five people," her father explained.

"We didn’t think about who it would reach, the main thing is to save human lives. We are very happy with the decision, but I am sorry that this is what happened to my beloved daughter. She really loved the nursing profession, and in the end she passed away. By donating her organs, she is now giving relief to people."

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