A little Sydney girl desperately needs the generosity of an organ donor if she's to survive.

10-month old Alexandra Matthews has spent half her life in hospital and now she's in intensive care.

She was born with biliary atresia - a rare disease that destroys the bile ducts in the liver.

If she doesn't get a new liver in the next month, Alexandra might not make it to her first birthday.

Alexandra's dad was planning to give her part of his liver but doctors say it won't work.

Her only hope now is a donation from someone who dies.

Dr Michael Stormon say: "if we can get her a liver in a timely fashion then she has a very good outcome for a normal life."

Doctors point out that she isn't the only child waiting for an organ transplant. There are ten kids just at this hospital, waiting for livers.

Chris Thomas from Transplant Australia says: "More than eighty Australians die every year waiting for a transplant."

The Matthews are urging more people to join the donor register and talk to their families so that babies like little 'Allie' can be given a second chance.

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