Australian police officers viciously attacked at 7-Eleven store

Shocking footage of NSW Police officers in a violent altercation outside a 7-Eleven store has gone viral.

The video shows officers appearing to arrest a woman who is sitting on the ground in the car park while an agitated and aggressive man circles nearby. The man continually gets in the face of officers as a male police offer tells him to "get back".

"Don’t you f**king touch her," a man can be heard yelling at police.

"Move back ... move back now," the officer tells the angry individual while two other males film the confrontation just metres away.

Footage of NSW police in violent fight outside 7-Eleven store
NSW Police said the incident captured on video is currently before the courts. Source: Instagram/scn_worldstar

The man then rushes towards the officer who quickly backs away. A female officer steps in to confront the man who then appears to push her in the head, causing her to fly back into the male officer before falling to the ground.

"You f**king c**ts," the man screams at the two police officers.

The man then attacks the male officer, pulling his torso down and throwing multiple punches at his head before more police arrive and tackle the man to the ground.

As the bystanders continue to watch on and film, the man who was tackled can be heard screaming and groaning as officers pin him to the ground.

People shocked by wild footage

The ugly incident reportedly happen in February but has now gone viral after the footage was posted on a popular Instagram account on Thursday.

A spokesperson for NSW Police told Yahoo News Australia they could not comment on the matter because it was currently before the courts. It is unclear what led to the incident.

The confronting footage attracted plenty of comments online. "I hope these offenders are found and dealt with, this is not Australian," one person wrote, while others sympathised with the police officers involved. "No one deserves to go to work and get that."

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