NSW Labor 'sexist, homophobic, undemocratic and white': rising star claims

The NSW Labor Party is "too white, sexist, homophobic, heavily factionalised and undemocratic", a young rising star in the state's leadership claims.

Rose Jackson, the first female assistant secretary aligned to the NSW left faction, has taken a swipe at the party she said has not learned from the mistakes and missteps that "almost killed" it in the 2011 election.

"We literally almost killed NSW Labor in 2011, and that was not that long ago," Ms Jackson told The Australian.

The former student politician who took a leading role in the fight against voluntary student unionism in the Howard years, said the "characters and cultural practices" that plagued the party while it held government "have not been eradicated".

NSW Labor leader Luke Foley. Source: AAP

State leadership was preventing meaningful reform, she said.

"We could fundamentally reshape NSW Labor as more creative, open, dynamic and democratic," Ms Jackson told the newspaper.

After only six months in the role, Ms Jackson said NSW Labor is "still way too white", but the party had made engagement with "culturally and linguistically diverse communities" a priority.

NSW Labor

Ms Jackson said while sexism is a problem, the party was making inroads and setting a good example for society where gender discrimination still exists for women, especially in the coalition.

"The Liberal and National parties should be ashamed of themselves," she said, describing them as a "throwback" that did not surprise her with a lack of women in leadership roles.

Former Labor Assistant Secretary, Jamie Clements resigned after sexual harassment allegations last year. Source: AAP

The former United Voice organiser said while sexism was a problem for the state branch, homophobia was by far a greater concern as the party was yet to elect an openly gay person into the lower house.

"I mean, give us credit, we're pretty inclusive, but still there is real work to do in this area."