Forest to appeal Premier League points deduction

Nottingham Forest have launched an appeal against the four-point deduction imposed for breaching of Premier League profitability and sustainability rules.

The deduction, announced last Monday, put the team in the relegation zone, in eighteenth place, one point from safety with nine games to go.

The club narrowly avoided relegation last year.

A statement read: "Nottingham Forest can confirm that it has today lodged an appeal against the four-point sanction imposed by the Commission in relation to the club's breach of the Premier League's profit and sustainability rules (PSR)."

It added there would be no further comment.

Forest were charged in January after confirming they were in breach of the rules for the assessment period ending 2022-23.

Reacting to the deduction last week, Forest said they were "extremely disappointed" with the decision, which they said raised "issues of concern for all aspirant clubs".

"After months of engagement with the Premier League, and exceptional cooperation throughout, this was unexpected and has harmed the trust and confidence we had in the Premier League."

Everton received a six-point deduction for similar breaches, which is regarded by some as a benchmark. The penalty was reduced from the initial 10 points on appeal.

Everton also face a second charge which has not yet been adjudicated on.

New Premier League rules

The Premier League said in a statement explaining its decision last week that Forest had admitted breaching profitability and sustainability rules (PSR) by £34.5m above their permitted threshold of £61m.

Clubs are usually allowed maximum losses of £105m over a three-year assessment period, but in this case this was reduced by £44m because Forest spent two of those three seasons in the Championship.

The statement said Nottingham Forest was referred to an independent commission on 15 January.

It added: "The case was heard in accordance with new Premier League Rules, which provide an expedited timetable for PSR cases to be resolved in the same season the complaint is issued.

"The independent commission determined the sanction following a two-day hearing this month, at which the club had the opportunity to detail a range of mitigating factors.

"The commission found that the club had demonstrated 'exceptional cooperation' in its dealings with the Premier League throughout the process."