Notorious dine and dash woman sentenced to two years' jail

Perth’s infamous serial “dine and dash” woman has been sentenced to two years in jail.

Lois Loder, 45, first hit headlines in April when a Swan Valley restaurant posted CCTV footage on social media of her and alleged co-offender Chiminh Phun doing a runner after a $250 meal.

Loder, who has been in custody since August, pleaded guilty in Perth Magistrates Court to 80 offences including fraud, stealing and possessing methylamphetamine.

The offending dated back to May 2017 and continued even after she was publicly outed, prompting some Facebook users to post abusive comments on her page including “you deserve everything coming to you … have fun in jail”.

The most expensive meal she didn’t pay for totalled $763.60, including drinks, at Zafferano restaurant.

CCTV footage was released on social media of her and alleged co-offender Chiminh Phun doing a runner after a $250 meal. Source: 7News

She also used a stolen bank card for a $1180 hairdo.

But she was sporting dark roots when she faced court via video link from Bandyup Prison on Tuesday.

She wept as Deputy Chief Magistrate Elizabeth Woods told her she needed to grow up and deal with her longstanding personal problems.

Defence counsel David Manera told the court his client wanted help while in jail for drug and alcohol issues, and for domestic violence she had suffered.

Mr Manera also said Loder regretted the length of time it had taken to resolve the case and was remorseful.

Lois Loder has been in custody since Source: 7News

The magistrate said jail time was the only appropriate sentence given the large volume of crimes, noting Loder had a record and had previously shown no remorse.

“This was brazen offending,” Ms Woods said.

“It was deceitful.

“The community expressed outrage at your behaviour and the proprietors were shocked.”

Loder, who was jailed in 2013 for almost three years for dishonesty offences, was ordered to pay more than $3000 in fines plus costs, although the magistrate noted she had no assets or income.

Loder’s sentence was backdated to August last year and she will be eligible for parole in six months.

In December she penned a letter detailing her plight while in custody.