Man who hit and killed Perth toddler before fleeing scene avoids jail

AAP & Catherine Healey

The Perth man who hit and killed a toddler while driving a stolen car has avoided an immediate jail term in court on Friday.

Little Lucas Davey had been taken to a home in Merriwa, in Perth's north, by his mother on April 8.

While his mother spoke to a friend at the front of the home, the squirming 22-month-old was handed to his older brother before the tragedy unfolded.

Lucas Davey. Source: 7News

Police at the Merriwa scene. Source: 7News

Karel Christopher Kivitis, a friend of Lucas's mother, went to leave the property in a stolen white four-wheel-drive when he struck the toddler who crawled under the vehicle.

As neighbours rushed to help the 22-month-old, Kivits fled the scene after being confronted by what he claimed was a man armed with a metal bar.

Little Lucas later died in hospital.

Karel Christopher Kivits (left) with his lawyer. Source: 7News

Kivits dumped the car at a garage in Perth's south before handing himself in to police the next day.

The 30-year-old pleaded guilty in the Perth Magistrates Court to stealing a car, breaching bail, driving without a licence and failing to report an incident occasioning death.

The stolen four-wheel-drive. Source: 7News

Lucas's mother wrote a reference for Kivits, describing what happened to Lucas as a "very tragic accident".

The mother had earlier told NewsCorp she did not blame Kivits for the death of her son.

"We all bear guilt, we all have to live with this in a sense and wonder what more could have been done," she said.

She admits she should have kept her eyes on Lucas "at all times".

Tributes for ucas outside the Merriwa home. Source: 7News

Kivits was handed a 12-month prison sentence suspended for 18 months, fined $1400 and will lose his license for one year.

The 30-year-old was also fined $5000 for six stealing offences.