Nine News reporter Lana Murphy drops F-bomb on air

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A Nine News presenter has left viewers gobsmacked after she dropped the F-bomb during a segment on Tuesday.

Melbourne-based reporter Lana Murphy seemed to be covering the worsening coronavirus emergency in Victoria when she stumbled on a name in a segment that was mistakenly aired as part of Tuesday’s news bulletin.

Lana Murphy Nine News drops F-Bomb on air
Eagle-eyed viewers caught the very rude fumble in footage shared online. Photo: Twitter/mike_e_b

“He told officers he was on his way to Mut-,” Lana began to say before fumbling with the place name.

“F*ck my life,” she laughed looking at the crew.

She then played with her hair, clearly gearing up to take another swing at the report, but the camera quickly cut back to the studio where anchor Alicia Loxley took over.

Spotted by several keen viewers, the segment was shared to social media where Lana herself ended up issuing an apology, explaining that the segment was prerecorded and its inclusion was an editing oversight, rather than a live fail.

Lana Murphy apologises for F-bomb editing fail

Photo: Twitter
Photo: Twitter

“Thanks for the love friends & apologies to those who got more than they bargained for on [Nine News Melbourne],” she tweeted on Tuesday evening.

“Unfortunately the wrong version (clearly) of a pre-record made it to air but thankfully I have a great boss and I’ll be back on your screens tomorrow.”

“2020 though am I right?”

Lana is a reporter with Nine and has been covering Victorian news since late 2018.

Lana Murphy Nine News F-Bomb on air
Lana is a local Victorian reporter for Nine News. Photo: Instagram/lanabeverley

F-bomb moment goes viral

The original video has gone viral online, sparking a variety of responses from surprised viewers, most of whom quickly saw the funny side of the situation.

Shared to TikTok, one video has almost 27,000 views so far and hundreds of comments.

“I heard it live and found so funny,” one woman wrote.

“LOL 2020 we all making mistakes,” another wrote.


Another compared her to the lovable but accident-prone fictional journalist Bridget Jones.

“She had a Bridget Jones moment!” the woman wrote. “Bless her.”

On Twitter some were slightly less understanding, sharing their anger that their children had witnessed the rude moment.

“The kids!!! in front of the kids!!” one audience member wrote.

Photo: Twitter
Photo: Twitter

“Obviously not Lanas fault and it's very clearly a mistake that wasn't meant to go to air,” another hit back.

“Don't get mad, have a laugh and move on, we all need one right now.”

Photo: Twitter
Photo: Twitter

“I laughed so hard when I saw it this arvo,” another agreed.

Others found some serious solidarity in Lana’s misstep.

“The whole of Melbourne feels the same as @LanaMurphy right now,” one person wrote.

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