Niece of Israeli hostage says Biden administration has shown ‘unwavering and relentless commitment’ to her family

The niece of an Israeli American hostage being held by Hamas militants in Gaza said President Biden’s administration has shown it is committed to getting the hostages home.

“What I know is that the Biden administration has shown unwavering and relentless commitment to my family and the families of all of the hostages, and I know that it is their priority to bring all hostages, including the Americans home, and so I know that they are doing absolutely everything that they can,” Hanna Siegel told CBS’s Margaret Brennan on “Face the Nation.”

Hanna Siegel is the niece of Keith Siegel — an American Israeli hostage who has been held for more than six months. Keith Siegel’s wife, Aviva Siegel, was also captured by Hamas but was released during a temporary cease-fire agreement last year.

Hamas released a video of Israeli hostages over the weekend, multiple outlets reported. One of the hostages in the video appeared to be Keith Siegel, according to CBS.

Hanna Siegel, who was wearing a sticker that had “205” written on it to represent the days since Keith was taken, said it was “surreal” to see him in the video.

“We’ve always believed that he’s alive. We have to believe that he’s alive,” she said.

“But this is the first time that we’re seeing him, that we’re hearing him, it’s — it’s surreal,” she added.

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