Nicole Kidman's father, Antony Kidman, dies following fall in Singapore

Nicole Kidman's father, Dr Antony Kidman, has died after a fall in Singapore.

He was visiting his younger daughter Antonia and her children.

Dr Kidman was a respected clinical psychologist and researcher who had worked with the University of Technology's Health Psychology Unit at Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney.

He was an academic in the study of the brain and nervous system and had been carrying out scientific research and lecturing for more than 30 years.

One of Dr Kidman's key areas of interest was the mental health issues of young Australians, in particular psychosis, bullying and stress.

Together with colleagues, Dr Kidman was involved in providing services for young people in the delivery of appropriate treatment and clinical services.

He authored several publications dealing with anxiety and depression and was a regular speaker on television and radio.

He was awarded the Order of Australia for his services to health in 2005.

He and his wife Janelle recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.

As yet there has been no official statement from his family.