NHS nurse films house flooding ‘within minutes’ of heavy rainfall for third time since 2020

An NHS nurse said he “stood and cried” as flood water spilled into his property “within minutes” following heavy rainfall on Wednesday 22 May.

Paul Jones-King, 48, from Loftus, North Yorkshire, said it is the second time within a year that his property in St Hilda’s Place has flooded, and the third time since 2020.

The area flooded previously during the summer of 2023, with Mr Jones-King saying he feels “emotion and anger” of “here we go again”.

He says drainage from nearby farmland during heavy rainfall causes “rapid” draining into a local beck, which then becomes overwhelmed.

Mr Jones-King added flooding in the area “should be no surprise” to the local authorities and said it is the “same properties” which flood “time and time again”.