Driver's $344 fine sparks debate over 'excessive' parking rule

A man who witnessed a driver copping a hefty fine in Sydney’s inner west has sparked debate over an “excessive” parking rule.

The man shared a photo of the $344 ticket on Facebook after noticing it on Thursday.

The fine was issued at Angel Street in Newtown for stopping within 10 metres of an intersection without traffic lights.

“Sorry for this person who got this ticket, but shouldn't there be a sign... saying no parking? And 10 metres seems excessive,” the man wrote.

According to NSW Roads and Maritime Services, you can’t park within 10 metres of an intersecting road at an intersection without traffic lights unless a sign allows you.

But you can park within 10 metres of a T-intersection without traffic lights if you are permitted to stop along the continuous side of the continuing road.

A car parked on Angel Street, Newtown. The driver was fined $344 and issued two demerit points for parking within 10 metres of an intersection without traffic lights.
The driver of this car was slapped with a $344 fine for parking too close to a Sydney intersection. Source: Facebook

The fine the Newtown driver was issued with also carries two demerit points.

It’s not known who received the ticket, but it’s caused a debate about the parking rule.

“Sydney’s streets and parking situation is so dismal, the least that could be done is some signs,” one woman wrote.

Another woman claims she received the same fine for parking in front of her house and it was “very frustrating”.

Another agreed the 10-metre rule was excessive claiming the city’s inner west often has people scrambling for parks.

“That would mean you could fit three cars on a Newtown street rather than nine,” she wrote.

The parking fine issued to the Newtown driver, which lists the location and type of car.
Some have argued the fine is 'excessive'. Source: Facebook

Others suggested the rule is often ignored and inconsistently fined.

“Ninety per cent of cars in Newtown are in violation of this law,” one woman wrote.

However, some said it’s simply the law and needs to be respected for safety.

“This is the law. It was widely publicised when they introduced it,” one man wrote.

“It's also dangerous for other road users and pedestrians to park that close to an intersection so fair call on the fine in my opinion.

“There's someone who repeatedly parks like this at the top of the street I live in. It's so bloody irritating and freaking dangerous given it's right near a school.”

A woman added she reported drivers doing it in her neighbourhood and wants them fined for breaking the law.

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