P-plater's ironic window sticker after copping $3,000 fine: 'Must be psychic'

The driver was caught speeding at almost 80km/h over the motorway speed limit.

A P-plater who copped more than $3,000 worth of driving fines seemingly had foreseen his fate given the window sticker he had displayed on his car.

On Monday, the driver was caught exceeding the speed limit by up to 77km/h on Sydney's M5 motorway and was promptly pulled over by NSW Police who asked to see his driver's licence.

Police became aware the driver was indeed a P-plater despite having no red P-signs displayed on his car. However, the driver did manage to find the time to stick the words 'Financial Mistake' onto his windscreen — an ironic foreshadowing of his interaction with the police.

Left, the car pulled over by the police. Right, the ironic window sticker reads 'Financial mistake'.
The driver managed to stick the ironic window sticker to his car but didn't display his P-plates. Source: Traffic and Highway Patrol Command - NSW Police Force

He was issued a $2,794 penalty notice for driving at speeds exceeding 45 km/h and also copped a $302 penalty notice for not displaying the P-plate signs as required by law. Police also confiscated and suspended the driver's licence on the spot for six months, with a notice taped underneath the 'Financial Mistake' sticker on the car windshield.

Aussies lap up the irony of the P-plater's sticker

Images of the car were posted online and many were quick to enjoy the irony of the driver's situation, while others praised the police officers for fining the "dangerous" driving behaviour.

"That windscreen sticker sure is accurate," one wrote, while another said, "They must be psychic, their sticker says it all."

Despite copping a total fine of $3,096 for his behaviour and having his licence confiscated, some Aussies said they believed the consequences were too lenient for the offence.

"For that kind of disregard of safety. Never give him back his licence," someone commented.

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