Baby's terrifying cot ordeal sparks serious warning to Aussie parents

One baby safety expert admitted she 'didn't even know it was possible'

Terrifying footage of a seven-month-old baby choking alone for a full minute has highlighted a hidden danger that one Aussie parenting expert said she hadn't "even considered was a possibility".

The distressing video was captured on an Australian family's baby monitor, showing the little one choking on a dummy while lying facing upwards before the child eventually manages to spit it out.

Baby safety expert Nikki Jurcutz, of Tiny Hearts Education, posted the distressing vision to the organisation's Instagram page, warning parents over the danger and urging people everywhere to be aware.

Expert horrified after watching shocking footage

"I had never considered that this was even a possibility before," Ms Jurcutz, a former paramedic, said. "I was holding my breath watching this video sent in by this little one's mum. "It’s so hard to watch, even though he is OK."

A seven-month-old baby is seen choking on a dummy.
The seven-month-old choked for one minute before eventually it was able to spit out the dummy. Source: Instagram

Ms Jurcutz said the baby's mother wanted the video to be shared, in the hope it raised awareness of the potential danger of using the wrong size dummy. She said the shield of the dummy should be big enough to ensure it cannot fit inside the baby's mouth.

"I wasn’t going to share it but then I showed my husband and we began talking about what we would do to ensure our baby, who has a dummy, is safe," she said. "It triggered us to be more aware so I’m sharing in the hope it does the same for you."

Strict rules in places for baby product manufacturers

In Australia, there are strict guidelines in place to ensure baby products are manufactured to safe standards. Like producers of items such as cots, pacifiers, and high chairs, dummy manufacturers must also adhere to these regulations.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) enforces these standards.

A seven-month-old baby is seen crying and choking on a dummy.
The issue highlights the need to make sure infants have appropriately-sized dummies, experts say. Source: Instagram

According to the ACCC, dummies must must be free from sharp edges, the "shield" must not be able to fit entirely into the baby's mouth and it must have two or more ventilation holes to allow the baby to breathe.

In addition, the teat must also be smooth to prevent fluid from entering in, the ring or handle must not detach from the shield or come apart and must be able to be gripped easily.

Parents urged to choose age-appropriate baby products

Parents are also urged to continually monitor their baby's growth, and choose age-appropriate dummies as their little one's mouth also grows.

"This baby is only seven months and the dummy fits inside his mouth," Ms Jurcutz said.

"Choosing the right dummy and ensuring its safety can be challenging for parents. Remember that every child is unique, and what works for one may not work for another."

A full list of dummy requirements as imposed by the ACCC can be viewed here.

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