Aldi customers spot hilarious price tag fail in store: 'A true bargain'

Shoppers took great joy at poking fun at the mislabelled milk, saying they must have been put on at the end of a long shift for the staffer.

Aldi customers were greatly amused by a hilarious price tag fail which saw milk "discounted" to several times more than its usual price.

An eagle-eyed shopper spotted the mistake while picking up groceries last week. “Nothing quite like grabbing [a] good deal,” the Brisbane woman wrote sarcastically on social media alongside a photo of the milk fridge.

There on the top row sat half a dozen bottles of Farmdale’s Lactose Free Full Cream Milk on sale for 20 per cent off. Except customers weren’t getting the deal they thought they were.

Aldi milk fridge containing the milk with incorrect discount stickers.
The Aldi shopper couldn't believe the cost of lactose free milk. Source: Facebook

On a giant red and white sticker slapped on the side, the reduced price for a two litre bottle came down to $15.99 and $15.23, based on an original price of $19.99 and $19.04 respectively, making it a $4 or $3.81 saving.

The mistaken sticker is a long way off regular Aldi pricing with the cost of a one litre bottle of Farmdale Lactose Free Full Cream coming in at $2.79.

‘You’d think they’d notice’

The post has since racked up 1,100 reactions and more than 250 comments.

“A true bargain, I’ll take five,” one person joked. “That’s some real savings right there,” said another.

While some suggested the incorrect stickers may have been meant for meat products instead, one person said it was “nice to see staff paying attention to pricing”.

“You’d think you’d notice after a few stickers,” someone else commented. “It’s the multiple stickers at the wrong price for me,” another said with a laughing emoji.

But others warned the cost was a “glimpse into the future”. “Another couple of months and it will be that price,” one person wrote. “Time to buy a dairy cow now before the price hikes and cows are 100 per cent more expensive.”

Woolworths customer captures 'whopping' ticketing fail

It’s not the first time, and it certainly won’t be the last, that a supermarket has made a mistake on its tickets.

Last year, a Woolworths shopper captured basic household products that were well above their usual pricing such as dishwashing gloves for $389, scourers for $285 and dishwashing brushes for a “whopping” $600.

Photo of TikToker Chelsy (left) with the inflated price tickets (right).
Woolworths suffered its own price tag fail last year. Source: TikTok/chelsyhammo

While a number of TikTok users suggested that the tags were simply missing a decimal point, some users claiming to be Woolworths workers suggested that staff scanned the box not the individual item. “That’s the price of the whole box,” one person said, “but why still put it up is beyond me.”

Meanwhile Coles was forced to issue an apology and refund thousands of customers following a series of pricing errors on various products in December. The supermarket giant confirmed it accidentally raised the price of 20 popular items during a promotion both in store and online.

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