'I thought she was going to die': Newlyweds and guests in violent wedding chaos with police

A newlywed couple has recalled the terrifying moment their dream wedding descended into chaos as it became entangled in a nearby police operation in Melbourne’s north.

Kareem and Hiba are looking for answers after family and friends, including young children, were targeted with pepper spray as dozens of police officers surrounded their wedding venue on Sydney Road in Brunswick.

The group of officers, which included members of the Police Order Response Team, were responding to a group of teens who they’d just evicted from a nearby Airbnb on July 20.

Pictured is Melbourne couple Kareem and Hiba.
Kareem and Hiba are looking for answers. Source: A Current Affair

When arriving at the venue, the teens allegedly rushed towards wedding guests exiting the building, prompting police to take immediate action.

“About 40 girls just wanted to run towards us and attack us all, and it just got ... really scary,” Kareem told Nine’s A Current Affair.

He said police began using pepper spray on “everyone” as guests, many elderly, tried in vain to shield their eyes.

Hiba and Kareem amid the chaos on July 20. Source: A Current Affair
Hiba and Kareem amid the chaos on July 20. Source: A Current Affair

One of the worst affected was Hiba’s mother, Douha.

“I thought she was going to die,” she said.

Dramatic footage shot by guests shows several of them with swollen eyes amid the chaotic scenes.

Kareem can be seen with a bottle of water frantically trying to wash distressed guest’s eyes as the capsicum spray takes control.

Kareem branded the act as “disgusting” and “unprofessional”.

Ambulance crews quickly arrived to treat the injured guests, including a seven-year-old girl.

Victoria Police are still investigating the incident.

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