New weather event set to drive MORE rain across Australia

Aussies hoping for an end to the wet weather might want to look away.

La Niña may have gone, but there's a new system impacting our weather in the months ahead and the results will be similarly soggy.

According to the latest weather and climate outlook from the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM), "rainfall is likely to be above median for most of Australia" from August to October.

This time we can blame an emerging negative Indian Ocean Dipole (IOD) event, which along with warmer than average waters around northern Australia, is influencing the impending wet weather, the BoM said.

Sydney is on track for its wettest year on record. Source: AAP
Sydney is on track for its wettest year on record. Source: AAP

"A negative IOD can indicate a broad-scale above average winter-spring rainfall for many parts of Australia," Weatherzone meteorologist Andrew Schmidt told Yahoo News Australia earlier this year.

As that outlook now sharpens, there is a more than 80 per cent chance "of above median August to October rainfall for much of the eastern two-thirds of the mainland," the BoM said in it's latest outlook on Thursday.

The only parts of the country tipped to receive less than average rainfall are western Tasmania and an area of south-western WA.

"Most of the eastern two-thirds of the mainland has more than double the normal chance of unusually high rainfall."

That rises to more than triple the normal chance for parts of the tropics and scattered parts of the south-east, the BoM said.

West Australia will be spared the impending rain.
West Australia will be spared the impending rain. Source: BoM

Things could get wetter as well, with the Bureau currently predicting a 50 per cent chance (double the normal likelihood) that La Niña returns later in 2022.

While it's a bit of a mixed bag when it comes to average temperatures, forecasters are also predicting it will get warmer than normal for parts of the country in the coming few months, while minimum temperatures will be up nationwide.

"August to October maximum temperatures are likely to be above median across the tropics and parts of western and southern Australia, but below median for parts of the east and southern interior," the BoM said.

"Minimum temperatures for August to October are likely to be above median nationwide."

New Zealand city dealing with wettest month on record

While Australia's east coast has been ravaged by excessive rain and flooding in 2022, our neighbours across the Tasman Sea are also doing it tough.

Christchurch has endured its wettest month since records began as New Zealand also battles through a monster run of rain and flooding.

With four days left in the month, Christchurch has been saturated by 268mm of rain, beating out the previous recorded high of 199mm in April 1978.

"It's been a very wet and stormy July, for much of the country," MetService meteorologist Karl Loots told AAP this week.

New Zealand has been suffering under the same La Niña conditions that have brought mass rain events to swathes of eastern Australia.

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