New tasteless protein powder made from surprising ingredient unveiled by Aussie inventors

With almost no taste, the meat powder can be added to juice or even sweets.

CSIRO chief executive Dr Doug Hilton and lead scientist Dr Aarti Tobin holding protein balls made from meat.
CSIRO chief executive Dr Doug Hilton and lead scientist Dr Aarti Tobin pose with their new meat powder balls. Source: CSIRO

Aussie inventors believe their new meat-based protein powder could be embraced by gym junkies. They believe it could prove so popular it could help them reach their target of raising $3.8 billion in revenue by creating new animal-based products for the health and wellness sector.

Announced by the CSIRO on Wednesday, the new substance is reportedly almost tasteless, so it could be mixed into shakes, juice, or even chocolate without it tasting gross. Named Just Meat, the product is intended to rival vegan proteins like pea and whey, as well as traditional milk-derived whey products.

Developed as part of the government’s agency’s Future Protein Mission, the powder has wider benefits beyond the fitness sector.

“The powder is non-perishable, which means you can overcome refrigeration and transportation barriers to deliver meat’s nutritional benefits to very remote locations or during a disaster, for example,” the CSIRO’s animal protein lead Dr Aarti Tobin said.

“It has huge possibilities from enhancing protein in food for the elderly to fortifying beverages such as energy drinks or use in protein shakes.”

A couple doing weights at the gym.
The powder is expected to be taken up by the health and wellness sector. Source: Getty (File)

The powder is made using the 80 per cent of an animal’s body that attracts less revenue. And rather than dry the meat like jerky, scientists have used a hydrolysis – a process that involves the breaking of chemical bonds at the molecular level.

It's hoped the products will help farmers and meat processors diversify their offerings and expand into global markets.

“We have explored a range of applications for this protein powder: from iron-enhanced sports nutrition supplements to energy drinks," the CSIRO's Dean Alle said.

CSIRO developed Just Meat with cattle farming peak-body Meat and Livestock Australia and they are now working to take the product to market.

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