New security measures for Sydney schools will help keep intruders and 'predators' out

Chris Maher

Security measures such as student swipe cards are being considered for some Sydney schools in a bid to improve safety and keep intruders out.

One school in Western Sydney has even built a steel mesh fence to stop intruders approaching students.

Sydney schools are considering measures needed to keep strangers out. Source: 7 News

St Olivers in Harris Park takes security very seriously - and parents couldn't be happier.

St Oliver's in Harris Park takes security very seriously. Source: 7 News

The measures are being considered after a series of incidents including people taking photographs of children and a recent case where a man tried to reach through a fence to grab a school child.

"Strangers used to stand here, kids would leave their bags here, strangers would put their hands in and try and take stuff - that's kind of scary for kids as well," one parent, Deepa Cijo, told Seven News.

Parent Deepa Cijo said school bags were regularly stolen before the new fence was erected. Source: 7 News

Concerned about predators, the school asked for upgraded protection.

Greg Whitby of the Parramatta Diocese said high protective fences were not a preferred option but it would be "negligent" not to provide safety for school children.

Increased security measures to make children feel safe and secure. Source: 7 News

At this stage, no other school has sought the same precaution.

Swipe cards to go in and out of schools are also being considered by Catholic administrators as well as "tower style" designs for school buildings.

Electronic swipe cards are being considered at Catholic schools. Source: 7 News

"We want to walk that fine balance between making the school very welcoming , but ensuring the safety..that's the challenge," Greg Whitby said.

New school designs are becoming more

Government schools say their security policy is based on risk, but already can include electronic access.