New search for SA girls abducted in 1973

Police investigating the abduction of two girls from the Adelaide Oval 41 years ago have been re-examining sites in South Australia's mid-north.

Joanne Ratcliffe, 11, and Kirste Gordon, 4, disappeared from the crowded oval during an Australian Rules football match on August 25, 1973.

Major Crime detectives, STAR Group officers, SES workers and forensic investigators have been inspecting several sites at a property at Yatina, including two wells, one of which has been excavated.

Detective Inspector Greg Hutchins on Thursday said nothing of importance had been found during the three-day visit this week, but police were not ruling out a return to the area.

The searches were the result of a call to Crime Stoppers about 18 months ago and other information.

Over the past year detectives have visited Yatina on three other occasions.

"The previous occupant of the Yatina property is one of a number of people who have been linked to the girls' disappearance over the years, but to date police have been unable to substantiate his involvement," he said.

The man was interviewed by detectives, but died in 1999.

"This search is about finalising one line of inquiry," Inspector Hutchins said.

"Considerable time and resources have been committed to these searches as police have undertaken to never give up the hunt for the girls' remains and their abductor."

The girls were at the oval with their families and they disappeared after Joanne took Kirste to the toilet.

The SA government has previously offered a $1 million reward for information to help solve the case.

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