'Miscarriage of justice': Is this grandmother really a cold-blooded killer?

It’s one of Australia’s most controversial court decisions: A woman jailed for murdering her partner even though there was no body, no murder weapon and no witnesses.

Tasmanian grandmother Sue Neill-Fraser has now served eight years of a 23-year sentence after her de facto partner, Bob Chappell, disappeared from their yacht moored on Hobart’s River Derwent in 2009.

The case was purely circumstantial, and Sue's daughter has never stopped fighting for her mother's freedom.

“There’s no doubt in my mind that mum is innocent,” Sue’s daughter, Sarah Bowles, says in a major Sunday Night investigation to air this weekend.

“It’s one of Australia’s biggest miscarriage of justice cases since Lindy Chamberlain.

“The truth’s going to come out.”

This Sunday at 7pm: Matt Doran reveals the explosive new evidence that could change everything.

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