'Never a threat to humans': Residents devastated after famous 80-year-old crocodile found dead

Police in Far North Queensland are appealing to the public for information after famous crocodile Bismarck, considered a tourist attraction in his own right, was found dead.

Officers and rangers are investigating the death of the 4.5-metre reptile, which was found in Cardwell’s Meunga Creek late last week.

It is feared the 80-year-old saltwater crocodile was shot in the head.

Queensland crocodile Bismarck found dead in Cardwell
Police are appealing for public tip-offs as officers and rangers investigate the death of Cardwell’s famous crocodile. Source: Twitter/7 News Townsville

The crocodile had long been a tourist attraction in the tropical coastal town of Cardwell.

Fisherman Ryan Moody spotted the reptile’s body and uploaded footage to social media, calling whoever killed the beloved croc a “bogan”.

“Well Cardwell say goodbye to one of your biggest tourist attractions,” he says in the video.

Queensland crocodile Bismarck found dead in Cardwell
Fisherman Ryan Moody uploaded vision to social media of the crocodile’s body. Source: Twitter/7News Townsville

“This croc was never a threat to humans.

“Just hope the big aggressive one from across the channel don’t move in to claim his girlfriends as that croc is aggressive.

“Amazing how humans can just make situations become more dangerous through acts of pure stupidity.

“I’d like to thank the bogan that has done that, I wonder if he’d like it if I came round and jumped on his head for an hour with my fists. Probably not.”

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