Netflix's Pornhub documentary trailer touches on sex trafficking allegations

'Money Shot' will debut on March 15th.

Ethan Miller via Getty Images

Netflix has released a trailer for Money Shot, a documentary about Pornhub (arguably one of its biggest competitors for people's attention). The film features interviews with performers, activists and former employees. It promises to delve into many of the scandals and successes the porn colossus has experienced over the almost 16 years it has been around.

The trailer suggests the film will explore issues such as alleged sexual exploitation and accusations that Pornhub has hosted non-consensual pornography. Pornhub owner MindGeek has faced a lawsuit over its alleged monetization of child sexual abuse material (CSAM). In 2020, the site removed all uploads from unverified users.

The documentary seems to go beyond Pornhub to examine other facets of the sex industry. The trailer, for instance, touches on the fact many sex workers and porn performers have lost their accounts on social media platforms. Meanwhile, one interviewee suggests that critics aren't just attacking porn, but the very idea of self-expression.

The clip suggests that Money Shot takes a far-reaching look at Pornhub and the broader industry. You'll be able to find out for yourself just how tactful and measured the documentary's approach is when it hits Netflix on March 15th.