Neighbour's wasp nest causes frustrated Aussie to take drastic action

Despite his good intentions the man's attempts to get rid of the wasp nest were futile.

We all appreciate a considerate neighbour but one Aussie's attempts to get rid of a wasp nest from the property next door may have been misguided – and most certainly futile.

In footage captured by his wife a Sydney man is seen striding towards his backyard fence wearing an orange "beekeeping suit" which covers him from head to toe as well as a mask which covers his face. He approaches the wasp nest growing on his next door neighbour’s property wielding some kind of nondescript spray and takes aim.

Left, The Sydney man sprays onto the neighbour's wasp nest with an unknown substance over the fence in Sydney. Right, the wasp nest circled in red on the property.
The Sydney man tried to get rid of the neighbour's wasp nest by spraying an unknown substance at it from over his fence. Source: TikTok

However, either his aim or the spray’s projection is limited, as the substance falls short of the target, simply spraying the substance into the air. Seconds later the man retreats backwards as his wife’s laugh can be overheard in the footage. She shared the neighbours have given him permission to try again.

Pest control experts amused by 'ridiculous' attire

The man's attempts to be suitably clothed for the task could likely have caused him issues Warren Bailey from ABC Pest Control Sydney said, believing the man "probably couldn't see" anything.

"I watched it and thought, he's not even spraying the nest. He probably can't see because of the ridiculous suit he's wearing... the wasp nest was too far away too," he told Yahoo News.

He recommended the man should phone a "pestie" to assist him, with experts often "hitting the wasps quick with a chemical to make them drop".

Bailey believes it would have been a paper wasp nest on the neighbour's property, a "common" type of wasp found around houses in Australia.

Aussies react to man's wasp removal attempts

After the footage was shared online many praised the man for his efforts but suggested maybe he best leave the task to professionals.

"He’s nowhere near it, lol his spraying isn’t going to affect the wasps. Good neighbour though," one remarked. "He’s a keeper just not a bee keeper," another joked.

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