Neighbour's frantic act as sleeping family's house burns down

Ash Cant
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A woman’s frantic banging has saved a family from a raging house fire.

Nicole Salgado shared footage taken from her doorbell’s camera on January 1 to TikTok, showing her neighbour running up to her front door and hitting it in an attempt to wake the family up.

The neighbour is heard screaming, trying to alert Ms Salgado, her husband and their four kids up, that their Arizona home was on fire and they needed to flee.

Finally the door opens and the neighbour is seen ushering the family outside.

Carolyn Palisch banging ont he front door in her robe.
Carolyn Palisch saved her neighbours' lives after smelling smoke. Source: TikTok/@nicolenevarez5

“Within minutes of us getting out, our roof collapsed,” Ms Salgado explained in the captions on the video.

“Even though we lost everything in the fire, we are so thankful to be alive.”

The video has now been viewed more than 21 million times.

In a follow up video, Ms Salgado thanked TikTok users for all of the support her family received.

She also confirmed everyone got out of the house, including her husband who was not seen leaving in the first video.

She explained the doorbell footage didn’t show her running back in to help her husband get their two dogs and a bearded dragon, both she, her husband and the pets got out okay.

“We got out safely, thank god,” she said.

“Right after we got out, the roof did collapse.”

The second video also shows the damage the fire caused to the house and Carolyn Palisch, the “amazing neighbour” who helped save the family.

Ms Palisch told Fox 10 she could smell smoke on New Year’s morning and when she went outside she saw fire coming from the Salgado’s garage.

“I didn't know how many kids were inside and I was waking them up either way and I woke them up and I didn't yell 'fire' because I didn't want to scare them,” she told the local news station.

A GoFundMe has been set up to help the Salgado family as they start to rebuild their life.

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