Neighbour leaves scathing note complaining about 'loud' children

A Gold Coast mum received an anonymous note from a neighbour in her letterbox this week complaining about her ‘loud’ children.

The woman posted an image of the typed and printed letter to a community Facebook page on Tuesday.

“Neighbour, lately it has become quite unbearable to enjoy a peaceful dinner in our household,” it begins.

“The amount of noise emanating from your children is beyond reproach. Now, I know kids can be a little loud when they get excited, but the amount of screaming, yelling and screeching is beyond excessive.

“Please respect your neighbours as we do to you.”

Pictured is the note the woman received in her letterbox. Source: Facebook
A Gold Coast mum received an anonymous note from a neighbour in her letterbox this week complaining about her ‘loud’ children. Source: Facebook

The stunned mum said the note had no name or return address but she approached her neighbours to apologise personally for her children.

“Unfortunately they said they didn’t write the letter and said they don’t have any problem with noise coming from our house?” she said.

“I cannot visit every house in the street, so I hope you read this.

“I wanted to let you know that we are sorry. Our son has a condition and can be a little louder than your average child,” she wrote.

The mum said she had been going through a lot personally and has been encouraging her children to step away from their devices and spend more time playing outside.

“We consider ourselves pretty approachable people and in future if the noise is too loud please come and knock on our door.

“We will be making extra effort to keep the kids from being too loud in the afternoon,” she said.

A child is seen playing with toys. Source: AAP
The woman said she will make an extra effort to keep her kids from making too much noise. Source: AAP

While some readers agreed that loud kids can indeed be annoying, most sided with the mum and praised her reaction.

“Your response just shows that you’re a great mum and a kind person. Most mothers these days would have gone on the offensive and blame everyone else,” one woman said.

“Kids are sometimes loud, and the way houses are built these days, you're going to hear stuff. It's sad that they didn't think to ask if you're ok and maybe need some help or a bit of encouragement,” another said.

“You go mum! You have dealt with this well,” a third woman said.

One commenter with a partially deaf son said she often takes him to the park to give her neighbours a break and constantly reminds him to keep his voice down.

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