Neglected dog with long matted dreadlocks nursed back to health

A mistreated dog with long, matted “dreadlocks” has undergone an incredible transformation.

The pooch’s owner left it to fend for itself in Lodz, Poland, and after months the dog’s fur grew so long and matted it was difficult for him to walk. 

The dog was spotted by local residents and they alerted the animal control department of the local police.

The owner has since been identified by police and the dog seized.

A dog found with thick, matted, dreadlock-like fur, has had its hair trimmed after being found neglected in Poland. Source: CEN/Australscope

Head of animal control Lukasz Berklinski said authorities could hear the dog barking inside when they went to arrest the pup’s owner. 

Animal shelter worker Marta Olesinska told reporters the dog was struggling. 

“He could not move or even poop properly because of its long matted fur,” she said.

“Someone had ignored his needs for a very long time.”

The pooch with a fresh haircut. Its owner is being questioned. Source: CEN/Australscope

Staff at the shelter named the dog ‘Farciarz’, which translated to ‘Lucky’ in English, and cut his fur.

The dog reportedly weighed less than four kilograms – and that was nearly halved after his thick fur was trimmed.

Luckily, Farciarz had no serious health problems.

Ms Olesinska said an investigation is underway.

With Australscope