Nasser Hussain explains why coronavirus will force cricketers to ‘retrain their brains’

Jack Rathborn

Nasser Hussain has raised concerns about how cricketers will retrain their brains as the sport returns following its suspension due to coronavirus.

England will begin a three-match Test series against the West Indies on 8 July.

But some common practices are likely to be forbidden in order to limit the spread of coronacirus, such as the use of saliva to shine the ball.

And the former England captain, 52, expects some difficulty in adjusting once the sport resumes.

“Some of the stuff they have trained their brain for 10 years to do, shining a cricket ball, celebrating a wicket, will be the difficult thing for them,” Hussain told Sky Sports News.

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“They are used to putting saliva on a cricket ball and can’t do that anymore, so they will have to re-train the brain.”

While pace bowlers have already voiced their concerns over a potential ban, England captain Joe Root believes it could be an opportunity for his bowlers to improve their skill levels without the assistance.

“It could work in our favour and up skill levels,” Root told Sky Sports. “Not having the assistance that you might normally have means your accuracy has to improve.

“Guys will have to find another way to get something out of the surface, whether that’s a bit more effort, changing angles on the crease, using the wobble seam they might not have in their locker.

“It could develop our bowlers in a four or five-week period.”