NASA investigates female astronaut accused of 'first crime in space'

A NASA astronaut is facing allegations she may have become the first person to commit a crime in space.

Anne McClain has been accused of accessing ex-partner Summer Worden’s bank account without permission while on board the International Space Station on a six-month mission, The New York Times reported.

Ms Worden claims her ex-partner assumed her identity to gain access to her account.

NASA astronaut Anne McClain before taking off to the International Space Station. She's accused of committing the first crime in space. Source: Getty Images

She told the Times she spoke with her bank who told her the account had been accessed from a computer registered with NASA.

The pair divorced last year after marrying in 2014.

Ms Worden had a son a year before the couple married.

Ms McClain said she was checking the account to ensure finances were in order to pay for Ms Worden’s son’s bills.

She tweeted there’s “unequivocally no truth” to the allegations made against her.

“We’ve been going through a painful, personal separation that’s now unfortunately in the media,” she tweeted.

“I appreciate the outpouring of support and will reserve comment until after the investigation.”

Ms McClain said she was checking the account to ensure there was enough money to pay bills for her ex-partner's son. Source: Getty Images

Ms Worden has filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission and NASA’s Office of Inspector General.

NASA told the Times it was unaware of any crimes committed on the space station asides from the current allegations against Ms McClain.

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