Myer customers unleash on store after executive's leaked memo

Furious Myer customers have added to the department store’s headaches after a senior executive called out a culture of poor customer service in a leaked memo to staff.

Customers doubled down on Tony Sutton’s comments, lighting up Myer’s online site with a series of harshly worded reviews, outlining the “disgusting” quality of customer service on offer.

The letter leaked to News Corp detailed how the executive general manager was fed up with the “I don’t work for Myer” attitude displayed by “brand partners”.

Mr Sutton’s comments appear to have unintentionally opened the floodgates for customers to detail own nightmare encounters, in store, over the phone and online.

Myer is facing a backlash from the high-profile brands that run concession outlets inside its stores after telling them their staff have to help Myer customers buy products outside their brand’s area. Source: AAP

“Myer your service is shocking, because you have been putting off your staff for years and leaving it to the concession workers to do YOUR job,” one customer wrote.

“The customer service at MYER is completely terribly (sic) on hold for more than 40 minutes and couldn’t change the address on my parcel,” another woman wrote.

Another shopper said: “What used to be a premium department store has turned into a disorganised store with unexperienced employees, store manager that think to be above the law and a customer service team that does everything but service the customer [sic].”

Source: Facebook

“Seriously Myer online I called at 9am on the dot and have been on hold for 45 minutes now! Do you only have 1 person on the phones?” another customer asked.

The backlash comes as Myer kicks off their mid-year sales, with some items up to 70 per cent off.

The department store has also felt the pinch of online shopping and fast fashion, reporting a turndown of 3.4 per cent for the first half of the financial year and a loss of $1 billion.

Yahoo7 News has contacted Myer for comment.