Muslim cleric who called Halal certification 'a scam' insulted and spat at during Sydney street walk

A controversial Muslim cleric has been filmed being insulted and spat at within seconds of him stepping foot in a Western Sydney suburb.

Sheikh Imam Tawhidi received a harsh reception in Lakema, a suburb considered to be the Muslim heartland of Sydney.

Tawhidi holds controversial views on Islam, calling for tough action against radicals and suggesting Halal certification is a money making ‘scam’ and that it is unnecessary.

Sheikh Tawhidi took 7 News reporter Bryan Seymour with him on a visit to Lakemba in Sydney. Photo: 7 News.

He has also called for Australia to be placed ahead of Islam and that all Islamic colleges should be banned and a temporary ban on immigration put in place.

Tawhidi was called a ‘f***ing dog’, ‘a pig’ and cursed at in Arabic as he walked through the suburb.

His critics claim he is a ‘fake Sheikh’ but they do not address his arguments, online or on the street.

The 7 News reporter went with Tawhidi to Lakemba and witnesses the insults first hand.

Sheikh Tawhidi is known for his controversial views on Islam. Photo: 7 News.
7 News witnessed the insults directed at Tawhidi during the visit. Photo: 7 News.

He said from the moment the news team arrived insults were directed towards the Sheikh.

“We didn't come here to start trouble, rather to see what the reaction would be,” Seymour said.