Mum's warning to parents after terrifying find in child's pram: 'Easy targets'

Diamond Williams became worried after finding an Apple AirTag in her son's belongings, despite not owning one.

A concerned mum has issued a warning to parents after making an alarming discovery inside her pram, which she claims neither she nor her husband had anything to do with.

Diamond Williams, 30, claims to have found an Apple AirTag on the ground after it fell from her son's pram which, worringly, had part of the nine-year-old's name engraved on it, she claims.

The mum-of-three said she heard it fall on the ground while visiting the zoo with her family last year and became concerned since they'd never purchased the Apple device. On it she noticed the word 'JAX' scribbled — the first part of her son's name, Jaxton.

Mum Diamond Williams in yellow top holding Apple AirTag with name 'JAX' on it.
Diamond Williams claims to have found an Apple AirTag with her son's name on it on her pram but says it does not belong to her family. Source: Diamond Williams/Jam Press

"My first reaction was to ask my son: ‘Who got you an Airtag?’ even though he doesn’t know what this is," the worried mum explained.

"I tried to brush it off as nothing and called my husband, all our close friends and family to check if they had gotten him this – but none of them knew what I was talking about.

"I thought maybe it was someone else’s which I had accidentally picked up, but then I thought about it more and realised it was most likely placed on my stroller."

Williams detailed the ordeal in a video on social media warning other parents to check their children and their belongings while out in public. She admitted she felt "crazy for a really long time," not understanding where it came from. "But now I know this is happening to other people everywhere," the stay-at-home mum said.

Mum urged to report Apple Airtag to police

Williams, from Fortworth, US, asked her neighbour, a police officer, when arriving home for some advice. "He suggested that’s too coincidental to be a coincidence and that I report it to the police," she claimed in the video.

She was advised to reset and dispense of the Airtag, but decided to keep hold of it in case it was needed for evidence – but didn’t go through with filing a report. Now, she aims to be more cautious when leaving home, especially with her children. She says she's been made aware of something similar also happening to others.

"Trust your gut, trust your intuition – if you find an Airtag on you, don’t assume you bought it and forgot – because no one does that," she warned other parents in the video.

She claims that there have been reports of people buying tracking devices in bulk, getting them engraved for free and then proceeding to “stalk” those with names that match. However, this has not been confirmed.

(left) Mum Diamond Williams sitting in car with seatbelt. (right) hand holding Apple AirTag device.
The 30-year-old mum claimed no one in her family had bought her son the device so she feared a stranger had put it there. Source: Diamond Williams/JamPress/Getty

Warning for parents to be 'alert' while in public

Looking back, Williams admitted she "probably could've done things differently". "But in the moment, I did what I felt I was capable of. Luckily, nothing came of it," she said.

"It’s a really odd situation and could have been much more serious that I took it," she continued.

"I want to warn people to open up their minds to the idea that just because it doesn’t make sense, doesn’t mean it wasn’t a thought out plan by someone with ill intentions.

"Hopefully sharing my experience, will, at the very least, make people more alert and aware of their surroundings. Especially parents of young children who are easy targets."

Social media users share bad experiences with Apple Airtags

Responding in the comments, some revealed the same had happened to them.

"Weird just had my daughter's birthday at the same zoo this past weekend and last night got an AirTag notification but I can’t find it," said one. [sic]

“I found one on my jeep after I was alerted by my phone I was being tracked by an AirTag. I stopped found it and drove to police station right away," another revealed.

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